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Hi there.

Welcome to my space. I am a science journalist. I live in the Pacific Northwest and write independently, which means that I do not have to show up for weekly meetings or follow a dress code. Sometimes I write from the beach. This makes me happy.

I was trained as an engineer and scientist and worked in a nanotech lab, but now I write science stories. My favorites include the strange, the offbeat, and those that challenge us to view ourselves differently. Often these stories touch on biotech, artificial intelligence, evolution, and reproduction, or as a friend once said, death, sex, and robots. A career coach once told me, "You are particularly weird in the very best way," and I consider this a high compliment.


My images page now links to my Instagram account rather than high quality selected photos. Sadly I seem to have little time for my more artistic interests. Only some pictures are worth a thousand words. Bonus points if you call me "Dr."

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