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Swim, Sperm Robots, Swim

This short write-up appeared online and in print in the Crux section of Discover Magazine. I first read Discover in the dentist office as a kid, and this publication turned me on to popular science writing, so I was thrilled to be writing for them. Also, the article is about how researchers used sperm as a model to build robots, so basically its an 11 on the cool/ican'tbelievethisismyjob scale. I was impressed by the amount of fact-checking that Discover required, even for such a short and straight-forward write-up. In general, the requirements of print are much different from online--a difference I am sure that few outside the industry have any idea about. So far, this is the only writing I have done for Discover and this post reminds me to pitch there more often. They even sent me a copy of the magazine with my story and a holiday card.

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