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The Average Human Vagina

Sadly, DoubleXScience where this first appeared is now defunct, but I am so glad to have had a chance to write this piece, and that it still lives on the blog at Unbound. I found the topic looking down a rabbit hole of vagina-related scientific papers. There was, and still is, quite a bit of misinformation of the human vagina, and a lack of research that you might think should have been done a long, long time ago. What was done was often performed with questionable ethics, and lady-parts still need more scientific attention. Remember, the vagina is the internal cavity; the labia is the part you can see.

BoingBoing linked to the piece, describing it as: "a fascinating tour of human biology, from the different lengths and colors of labia to the wide range of shapes exhibited by the inside of the vaginal canal, itself. Even better, all of this can change over the course of an individual woman's life, rendering "average" even more meaningless."

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